About us

7-Gates Credit Solutions was founded in 2017 and offers a wide variety of credit repair programs that potential clients can choose from. The plan options offer flexible price ranges. In addition to its multiple plan options, the credit repair company provides clients with easy access to dedicated paralegal teams and customer support. 7-Gates Credit Solutions earns the business and trust of the people because it has proven results.

How we help

Knowing the importance of good and accurate credit, the 7-Gates credit auditing program was created and has been proven to be so effective at turning around the lives of its clients that the program is tested by many customers and also within our independent Marketing representative. The respected and experienced members of our stall led team have devised a process that is extremely efficient, effective and affordable for each of our valued clients.
  • 1) Free Consultation
  • 2) Enrollment
  • 3) Sit Back & Relax

We do a thorough consultation before enrolling clients. We'll explain our service clearly and what options you have.

A dedicated consultant will guide you through the entire process. You will receive a definitive action plan, which will show you how to fix your credit scores!

The key to the removal of erroneous information is persistence and communication with your consultant. Stick with our system and enjoy an accurate credit profile again. Guaranteed!

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What we offer

Credit Auditing – These services help to remove incorrect or outdated information from your credit history so that it is cleaned up and can be improved.
Credit Education – As your credit specialist, our most important job is to review your credit history reports with you and begin the process of disputing negative inaccurate items on your reports. Our next important job is to give you recommendations to follow, which will help you to speed up the process, achieve a higher score and keep it. While we do our part, please read the following information and follow our steps and your score will start to improve quickly.